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Ever Wonder: Why can’t I book several sites together? Why can’t there be more than 6 people on an individual site?

Campsite at Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds

Sound seems to travel farther in the woods, especially at night. The sound of chatting and laughing can be heard several sites away. Music can be heard drifting, or pulsing, through the trees even further. This is how the rules that no more than 6 people on a site and quiet hours from 10pm to 8am came into being.

One of the things we hear over and over again is how quiet the campground is and that it is truly a family campground. We are able to keep it this way by enforcing the rules adopted so long ago.

But we understand that not everyone wants the same experience. In an effort to accommodate different camping styles we developed different campsite types. For couples who want privacy without children or guests, we developed Lovers Lane. For those who want to camp with others and be able to gather around the campfire or for meals we developed Group and Rally Sites that are separated from the individual sites so there is a bit of a sound buffer.

We thank you for your understanding when we put you in a group area or rally area. It is our way of trying to ensure that your group as well as other campers all have the experience they are looking for at Rip Van Winkle Campground.

So there it is, if you ever wondered, that’s why. :)


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