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Rip's Rules For Fun!

Rip Van Winkle Campground (RVWCG) is located in a fragile forest and land trust. The rules created by Elton and Kay Johnson in 1966 were designed to maintain the natural beauty of the campground for generations to come. They are why you are able to enjoy the campground as it is. Please familiarize yourself, your children, your guests, and your camping neighbors with them so we can all enjoy this beautiful retreat from the world. 

We are thrilled to have you. Have a wonderful visit! 

  1. This is a recreational facility.  Not your residence.
    1. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult along the creek, pond or pool
    2. Swimming allowed at posted hours only.  No one is allowed in water without two (2) adults present
    3. Parents must accompany children to restrooms for their own safety
    4. NO children are permitted to use or carry axes, hatchets, knives, saws, air/BB guns, etc. on the grounds
  3. All trailers / tents must be set up on the spot provided (wood chip or gravel pad). You will be required to move your tent if it is set up anywhere other than the designated spot. This is for the health of our trees and to allow vegetation to grow between sites.  Vehicles must remain on roadways and site driveways only.
  4. Charging EVs (electric vehicles) on sites is strictly prohibited. Please utilize charging stations located throughout the park.
  5. Do not hang gas lanterns on trees.  The heat kills even the largest of trees
  6. Park speed limit is 5mph. All NYS vehicle and traffic laws are in effect on our roadways as on any other roadway.
  7. Congregations of more than six (6) people are not allowed on any one site other than the Group or Rally areas.  Camping groups of seven (7) or more must be registered on a group or rally site.
  8. CAMPERS:  It is your responsibility to register visitors upon their arrival.  All day visitors must be off grounds by 9:30 p.m. The management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors on any site.  A fee will be charged for each visitor.  Unregistered people are trespassing.
  9. Empty porta toilets in dumping station only, NOT in toilets.  Disposable bag toilets are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  10. All garbage must be disposed of in dumpsters located throughout park or kept in car or RV overnight. There is NO garbage pick-up at your site.
  11. Small fires are allowed in the fire ring provided.  Never leave a fire or candle unattended.  Do not move fireplaces.  Hibachis are NEVER to be placed on picnic tables.  *NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD IS ALLOWED ON GROUNDS*
  12. Pets must be leashed and licensed.  May not be left unattended on a site.  Must have up-to-date vaccinations with proof available on request.  You must clean up their waste and dispose of it properly.  No pets allowed in the beach or pool area. (This is state law.)  No pets allowed in the cabins.
  13. No picking or cutting any trees, shrubs or flowers.  All are for sale for $10 per inch measured from the ground. Includes standing deadwood.
  14. No washing laundry/cooking utensils/dishes in restrooms or under faucets. Dishes should be washed on your site with environmentally safe soap. There are laundry facilities in the shower building.
  15. No firearms, air rifles, bows and arrows or slingshots permitted.
  16. All children riding bicycles must wear approved helmets for their own protection.
  17. Do NOT handle, pet, play with, torture, kill, or in any way bother the wild animals you see, including frogs, lizards, crayfish, snakes, birds, bunnies, dogs, cats, our ducks, etc.
  18. Maintain QUIET volume of TV, radio, and your voice for everyone's enjoyment. QUIET HOURS ARE 10PM TO 8AM AND ARE ENFORCED!
  19. No generators allowed.  Turn off car alarms.  (Skunks hate them even more than people do!)
  20. Your well-being and the well-being of our staff is important to us. Any person using profane language (aka cursing), being verbally aggressive, being physically aggressive, attempting to intimidate another person, or acting in a manner that may be injurious or annoying to others, in the opinion of RVWCG staff, will be told to leave without a refund of fees paid.
  21. You give RVWCG permission to use your image or the image of your children for advertising/marketing purposes. For the safety of our camper guests, their visitors, and our staff, RVWCG employs AV monitoring.
  22. There is no early check in or late check out. You must leave the campground by 12 noon.
  23. In an EMERGENCY: If it is life-threatening, call 911 FIRST and then contact campground staff at 845-246-8334. Our address is 149 Blue Mountain Road, Saugerties, NY 12477 You must know your location in the campground for us to find you!

Rip Van Winkle Campground | 149 Blue Mountain Rd | Saugerties, NY 12477